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This lovely box includes two gorgeous three wick candles, a beautiful diffuser and a lovely boho wreath.  


A boho floral wreath made from a variety of dried and preserved flowers, grasses and foliage. The wreath is approx 25cm diameter (arranged on a 20cm natural vine base), and looks amazing as a tablecentre placed around the base of a 200g candle, or can be hung on a wall or door using the ribbon included. The flowers should last for years if kept in a dry environment, but may only last a season if hung on an outside door. Each wreath is handmade and completely unique, there may be small variations in colour tone and flowers due to availability.


You can choose your two three wick candle and diffuser scents.


Each three wick candle burns up to 90 hours.  To get an even burn make sure you get a complete pool around the top before you burn out the first time, this way it stores the candle memory and you get a complete even burn.


You also get a lovely diffuser of your choice of scent.  Our diffusers are pretty special they last a minimum of six months most twelve months.  Just turn the sticks every 2-3 weeks.


All comes beautifully gift wrapped in our refined lambs wool, supporting the farming industry.



Christmas Box