Pomegranate with notes of orange, casis and patchouli.  


Cheerful,bright and subtly sweet.


All our diffusers last up to twelve months, just turn the sticks every 2-3 weeks.


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Pomegranate Reed Diffuser 200ml

  • Reed diffusers are now a must have home accessory creating beautiful, subtle and long lasting fragrance diffusion in any room. eg to help disguise odours in a more natural and consistent way than harsher chemical air fresheners. They are simple to look after but make sure you follow the safety instructions carefully.

    How does a reed diffuser work?

    The diffuser liquid is made up of scented oils and when the reeds are placed into the liquid, the oil is drawn up the channels which run the entire length of the reeds. e scent is then naturally dispersed into the air through evaporation. It will take between 24-36 hours for scent        diffusion to occur and the larger the room, the less noticeable the scent will be.

    How often should I turn the reeds?

    You can revitalise the fragrance release by simply inverting the reeds every 2 weeks to ensure the delivery of fragrance remains. Occasionally reeds may clog and you will notice a drop in scent    diffusion. If this occurs simply replace with new reeds.

    How long will my diffuser last?

    On average a reed diffuser should last for between 16-20 weeks but this will depend on many factors including the fragrance, type and number of reeds used, position of the diffuser in the home and seasonal temperature variations. You will find that diffusion slows down in cooler environments and increases with ambient temperatures in summer and it can also vary in each room dependent on air circulation. If you find your diffuser is diffusing too quickly simply reduce the number of reeds in the vessel.