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For all those lovers of Brandy and Whisky this is your perfect box.


It includes a 200ml Single malt Whisky from the Cotswolds.  This Single Malt is the first Cotswolds single malt made entirely in the cotswolds and is crafted in small batches using 100% local barley.  It is distilled in traditional copper pots and matured in premium casks before being blended and bottled right here in their distillery in the Cotswolds. 


It also includes a bottle of fine Cotswolds Brandy which is also grown and produced in the Cotswolds.


Finally choose from two Libby Lavender Cotswolds votive candles of your choice.  


This box is all from the Cotswolds.  This really is a wonderful gift all made in The Cotswolds. All comes beautifully gift wrapped in our Libby Lavender Cotswolds packaging.

Poulton Hill Brandy and Cotswolds Whisky Gift Box