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Beautiful Botancial candles which are all hand-poured in The Cotswolds.  All made by hand.  These stunning candles come in two sizes.  They make wonderful centre pieces.


Our Winter Fruits scents is Orange Slices, Pink Pepper, Berries and Alder Cones.  This is such a goregous scent that smells divine and makes a wonderful centre-piece.


This Three Wick candle is 1450g and burns up to 70 hours. 

Winter Fruits - Botanical candle - Three wick

  • As Botancial candles feature a hard outer shell (which doesn't burn down) and soft wax core (which does), they should always be lit on a candle plate.  

    Keep away from external sources of heat, as this can melt the hard outer shell of wax and cause dips for the inner core to spill out of

    Botanical Candles are delicate and all the above candle care – including burn length, trimming of wicks and storage – should be all times.